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Vivoil Oleodinamica Vivolo

Vivoil have been producing high quality, high performance hydraulic gear pumps, hydraulic gear motors and geared flow dividers since 1985. The company applies innovative solutions to hydraulic system requirements.

Their business ethos is to provide high quality, units with emphasis on technical and aesthetic values at competitive prices without compromising quality or customer satisfaction.

Flow Dividers

Flow dividers allowing a single pump flow to be ‘split’ into a varying number of separate flows is a significant proportion of Vivoils’ production. Their accrued expertise in this field means that they have the technical ability to offer solutions to many circuit applications.

Gear Style Flow Dividers

Using their precision gear pump technology allows Vivoil to produce an extensive range of flow dividers, with or without “phase correction “integral valves”. Equal or un-equal displacements, up to 16 sections, can be combined to offer many solutions for applications requiring flow to be divided to operate different parts of the hydraulic circuit.

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