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Airblast Coolers.

More than 30 years experience in heat transfer equipment and special hydraulic components has made ASA a global leader in advanced technologies. They produce what they design. There experience for standard components and flexible customized solutions ensures competitive pricing, consistent product performance and reliability. asa was the first company with a standard cooler range. 21 patents are held at asa group.

Inline and Offline Cooling options with a variety of fan motor voltages:

The oil / air coolers of the CC series are autonomous cooling systems with an integrated circulation pump. The available oil flows are depending on the design 20 and 30 lpm or 40 and 60 lpm, respectively. They work as a separate cooling unit or as a filter cooling unit with an adequate filter.

The benefits of such circulation coolers are a constant cooling performance and a higher durability, because there are no pressure vibrations or peaks in the cooler unit.


ATEX Approved Cooling

asa oil/air coolers are now available for ATEX zone 1, 2 and 22. Therefore the coolers are certified for categories 3 and 2G. ATEX certified asa coolers belong to cluster II.

The shown cooler models are available with AC drive or hydraulic motor drive. The ATEX coolers are equipped with either our well established asa universal connectors or the new asa rail system.

Plate Heat Exchanger

The asa E plate heat exchanger is designed for both cooling and heating applications. It is commonly used to cool hydraulic fluid and lubricating oil and can be used for water, air, steam and gas applications.

The benefits of asa E plate heat exchangers are:

  • strength
  • safety
  • downsizing
  • high thermal efficiency
  • low maintenance
  • no gaskets – no leaks


The asa E plate heat exchanger is designed for maximum heat transfer using profiled plates of acid proof stainless steel. The plates form channels through which oil and water pass (alternating every other channel). At the front and back side of the plate package there are cover plates.

The cooler plates are brazed together at all outer and inner points of contact. The cooler can be installed in charge-pump circuits as well as in return lines with high pressure variations.

Suction Unit

The asa suction unit has been developed to provide a compact unit in hydraulic systems. The asa butterfly flange with SAE connections allows the combination with an elastic element (rubber compensator) to make a short compensating and economical connection with the pump port. The asa suction unit is screwed to the asa adapter flange, which is welded to the tank. Due to low installation costs and compact design, purchasing asa suction units is cost effective. A switch (mechanical or inductive) can be mounted on the standard block for monitoring matters.

The lever position corresponds to the valve position (can be changed, see butterfly flanges). Thus the aperture angle is well-defined even in mounted state. The handle direction (clockwise or counter clockwise) can be changed by turning the switch bracket. Please note that the butterfly flange may only be opened in mounted state and with greased or lubricated sealing. The adapter flange may only be welded with demounted butterfly flange.

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